A heritage that is considered to be at the pinnacle of every other, in the world, that can be a guiding light for all. A land that conceived ideas, technological advancements and construction methodologies those were ahead of time, Pakistan. Home to a culture that is respected around the world, our Nation’s legacy has not remained confined to the achievements of its glorious past. The new Pakistan has undergone a massive leap on the heels of a concrete infrastructure development that is rapidly on the rise. The progress has become apparent in the many domains that range from science and technology to defense, transportation, art and sports. A country’s prosperity gets measured by the evolution of its roads, bridges, educational institutions, healthcare centers, research facilities, arts and sports establishments; as it is all of those that make up the foundation of its growth. For playing an indispensable part in the rise of these structures in the country, we at Siraj Steel Ltd. are proud of ourselves.

Siraj Steel starts with Haji Siraj Din, our founding father, who began steel trading in Old Mirpur City of Azad Kashmir in 1960. He expanded his business through honesty, devotion and determination with an aim to offer best quality services and products to the customers. Later in 1973, Ch Allah Ditta, CEO and Founder of Siraj Steel Industries, joined the family business and started a journey towards Siraj Steel Industries which was incorporated in 2005. Siraj Steel is the largest producer of steel bars in Azad Jammu & Kashmir with a production capacity of 180,000 Metric Ton Per Annum.

Size Grade 40 Grade 60 Grade 80
3/8, # 3,10 mm 265,000 267,000 269,000
1/2, # 4,12 mm 263,000 265,000 267,000
5/8, # 5,16 mm 263,000 265,000 267,000
3/4, # 6, 20 mm 263,000 265,000 267,000
7/8, # 7, 22 mm 263,000 265,000 267,000
1", # 8,25 mm 263,000 265,000 267,000